“Christ’s Gospel Triumphs Over All Adversaries”

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“We must just go to men, no matter how rich they are, no matter how fashionable they are, no matter how deeply intrenched in custom and tradition their evil courses are—we must go to them and say, ‘There is no compromise between the religion of Jesus Christ and what you do. One must die. We do not shake hands at all. We do not lie down in the same bed. We do not rest under the shadow of the same tree. We do not sing the same songs. We do not camp on the same grounds. It is war, truceless war, that is never to know an interval until victory or death comes to end the contest.’

“And given a little church, just a handful of brethren and sisters who believe the Bible—I mean believe it—who believe what it says about death and hell and heaven and the judgment; who believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, in omnipotent power, is with his people and standing right by them, having his presence with them, never stopping to ask which shall win and which shall not, but saying as he said to us, ‘Stand up and testify; he did not send us as philosophers; he sent us as witnesses to stand before the door of the heart and testify that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only hope of salvation. We bear witness to that fact. God did not put it upon us to go back and give any philosophical reasons for it at all. We come as witnesses to a fact, and a fact which has touched our own hearts and filled our own souls with peace that we hold up before you, and invite you in God’s name to stand upon the same platform.’

“Given such a church, it will turn the world upside down. Do that and let alone apologies; quit putting your weak shoulder to the granite of God’s revelation, as if without your prop it would turn over. You let it stand. It will stand. Do not defend it. Preach it! Bear witness to it, and rely upon him that sent you, and you will conquer.”

B. H. Carroll